Introduction to Pitta Dosha — Goal Oriented & Passionate

Are you a fiery personality?  Are you goal oriented?  Do you have a large plan and focus your energy there?  Do you get irritable when people don’t listen to your exact words?  You maybe exhibiting Pitta dosha qualities.  Read on to find out more!

What are doshas?  Doshas are bio-energy centers in the body.  There are 3 doshas and all people have all of these three doshas, but one of them is usually primary, one secondary and the third least prominent.

What is Pitta? The word translates to the Agni (fire) inside of you — your metabolic fire.  Pitta is the combination of fire and water.

What does this all mean?  If you are a Pitta dominant (or secondary) type — you radiate heat and when fire meets water — steam is created —> Pitta types get overheated more easily than the other doshas and prefer cooler climates.

What are the characteristics of Pitta? Think of steam when thinking of Pitta — let’s discuss further below:

Emotional Characteristics:

  • Confident, determined, cheerful
  • Sharp, discriminating minds and the abilities to focus thoughts and energies very effectively
  • Precise and orderly
  • Keen intellect and enthusiasm for learning; they grasp new information easily; great memory (of what they want to remember :))
  • Enterprising
  • Great public speakers (they are accomplished at thinking on their feet and quick to respond)
  • Smart with their money
  • Brave, ambitious, ambitious
  • Intense (they can become stubborn, argumentative)
  • Great appetite — they MUST eat — they get hangry!

Physical Characteristics:

  • Well-proportioned bodies and their weight typically does not fluctuate by more than a few pounds
  • Facial features are average in size
  • Soft, fine, straight hair usually
  • Fairer complexion (as compared to the rest of their family)
  • Freckles are common and moles too
  • Their skin burns easily and their eyes are sensitive to the light (they definitely enjoy sunglasses)

Overall Balance & Imbalance:

When a Pitta dominant person is in balance – they are focused, they have specific goals and plans, they can be intense.
When there is imbalance in a Pitta dominant – they can become fiercely competitive, they tend to argue, they become angry and impatient.

Remember, we all have all 3 doshas within us – which Pitta characteristics do you have?

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