Intro to Vata – Moves Like the Wind – Brimming with Ideas

Introduction to Vata Dosha – Do you love constant change? Moving around all the time? Light & airy?

Doshas are bio-energy centers in the body.
There are 3 doshas and all people have all of these three doshas, but one of them is usually primary, one secondary and the third least prominent.

Today we will discuss the Vata dosha.

What is Vata? The word means to blow or move like the wind.
Vata is the combination of space and air.
Think of Vata as symbolizing the energy of movement within you – your physical and emotional body.

What are the characteristics of Vata? Think of the wind when thinking of Vata — let’s discuss further below:

Emotional Characteristics:

  • Vata nature is light and airy
  • Change their minds constantly (they can come across as erratic)
  • Love coming up with several ideas (even at once); they are full of ideas and very imaginative
  • Physically active & on the go
  • They have high energy & a hard time sitting still — they love being on the go (a Vata dominant person has no problem eating in the car – in fact, they LOVE it :))
  • They can easily change — they can easily change the way they think, come across, even look physically
    • Change comes naturally to them – and they LOVE it
  • Great enthusiasm for life and happily involve themselves in new projects
  • They love the spark but can have trouble with remembering or maintaining the interest
  • Spontaneous
  • Impulsive – freely spend their money & time
  • Light sleepers and dislike noise

Physical Characteristics:

  • Physically light & wiry
  • Height can be either tall or short
  • Face is typically long & angular with a long, thin neckThere is variability in their bones and teeth
    • Examples: 1) they may have irregular teeth (small, protruding OR large and angular); 2) they may have pigeon toes, sway back, etc. — some type of variability in their physical body
  • Hair is dark, coarse, wavy, curly — usually thin
  • They are thin — in fact, they have trouble gaining weight (but usually have a good appetite)
  • Temperature – naturally run “cold” — cold hands and feet especially

Overall Balance & Imbalance:
When a Vata dominant person is in balance – they are joyful, enthusiastic, artistic, full to the brim with ideas.

When there is imbalance in a Vata dominant – they have trouble sleeping, anxiety & worry can consume them, they can have trouble maintaining any type of routine, they can’t focus, they are bored & dissatisfied.

Remember, we all have all 3 doshas within us – which Vata characteristics do you have?

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