5 Steps to Feel Balanced the Season Change

It’s that time of year again — the season is transitioning from winter to spring. Whenever the seasons change, our body (mind, body, soul) can feel this.  It can manifest in many different ways – including allergies, more prone to getting sick, weakened immune system, emotionally tired, feeling heavy (mind and digestion), fatigue, brain fog…

Think back over the years, what have you experienced during this time when the season transitions from winter to spring?

For everyone, during the 3-4 weeks around the time Spring sets in and the 3-4 weeks when we transition from Summer to Fall —> it’s very important to take extra care of yourself.

5 Steps for Success During this Season Change:

  1. Prioritize your sleep — it is really hard at times to maintain or keep a routine. Around this transition of seasons, prioritizing sleep and setting/maintaining a routine can help balance our immune system and lethargy.
  2. Eat lighter foods — eating more vegetables and fruits AND eating per your dosha make-up will help your metabolism and Agni (internal fire) adjust faster to the transition of the seasons.  Yes! you read correctly — each dosha has a unique taste palate that ignites your Agni successfully (more to come in the future!)
  3. Drink your water — make sure to increase your fluid intake — this will especially aid with eating lighter and get your Agni (internal fire) moving and Ama (internal toxins) leaving.
  4. Get on your mat — for at least 10 minutes a day, get on your yoga mat and move — it can be a restorative practice or just sun salutes.  The routine of physically moving will help your internal Agni.
  5. Take time to meditate & journal — take 5-10 minutes every day (or 2-3 times per week) to write down how you are physically and emotionally feeling. AND start seeing how it changes over the 3-4 weeks of the season change.

Try to incorporate these 5 steps in the month of March (and September) when the season changes from Winter to Spring and from Summer to Fall.  These 2 season changes can be harder on each of us (more to come in the upcoming blogs about the reasons why :))

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